Israel’s unlikable candidate

The World

If you ever thought Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister seemed like a nice guy, you can take it from the people trying to elect him, he’s not. One of his own television ads begins with Israelis expressing their disdain for Barak�he’s not nice and not friendly. And then it shows Barak coming of age with the Israeli military and making tough decisions. He admits he’s not very well spoken, but is tough. His campaign may have overdone it a bit. These mall shoppers agree that he’s not nice. This man says he’ll vote for Barak’s opponent simply because he just dislikes her a bit less than Barak. He says none of the candidates have a reputation for being nice. Another shopper says she understands Barak’s point that you don’t have to be nice to be a good politician, but she doesn’t like Barak and that’s one of the reasons she won’t vote for him.

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