Iran’s view of Iraq

The World

America and the Shiite religious enemy in Iran used to have two common enemies: the Taliban in Afghanistan, and also Saddam Hussein. Iraq and Iraq engaged in a tough war throughout the 80s. This man says he has no ill feeling towards Iraqis, and says it was a good thing the US removed Hussein, but also thinks the US wants to invade Iran. Iran’s Conservatives gloat about the situation, and this government official says he knew all along that the US would fail in Iraq. Iran’s government may not have always been so comfortable about having the US on two sides of its borders, but that anxiety has disappeared as the occupation has spread US military forces thin. Those events have also changed views of America here. This critic of the Iranian government now doesn’t look to the US for help. It’s a major shift from five years ago. Many Iranians wanted the US to bring democracy to the region five years ago, but not so anymore says this Iranian political activist. Iraq may yet stabilize and US troops in Iraq could then eventually pose a strategic threat to Iran. But for now hardliners in Iran cannot help but be happy with how things have turned out in Iraq for the US.

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