Hope for the Mideast conflict?

The World

Milliband’s tour is clearly designed to generate regional good will and possibly set the U.K. up in people’s minds as an independent broker rather than a tool of the U.S. Milliband said during a speech that he thinks engagement with the younger generation especially is important, but that younger generation was a tough sell. One student said Milliband should stop humiliating moderates. Faculty and students admonished Britain for what they called its blind adherence to failed U.S. policy especially with regards to Israel and Iraq, while also supporting undemocratic regimes whole professing about supporting democracy worldwide. Milliband was undeterred by the criticism and spoke of the U.K’s support of a two-state solution and also Britain’s belief that settlement expansion is illegal. He said the notion that his government supports repressive regimes isn’t true. Milliband told the audience that his tour left him with the impression that next year will be decisive and also that the incoming American presidential administration understands this as well.

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