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For today’s Geo Quiz — follow the Delaware. We’re looking for a Venezuelan-owned island for our quiz today.

You’re probably tempted to start scanning the Atlantic Coast off Venezuela.

But don’t go there. The island we’re looking for is closer to home. So close you can see it from Philadelphia. Though technically it’s part of New Jersey.

No one lives on this island — except perhaps a pair of American bald eagles that have been sighted there.

But it’s no pristine wilderness.

Venezuela’s oil company CITGO used the 300 acre island for fuel storage. CITGO offered to turn the island into a nature preserve.

So can you name Venezuela’s island in the Delaware?

Here’s a hint… It’s named after one of its previous owners.

Today’s Geo Quiz takes us to a small island in the Delaware River. It turns out the Venezuelan oil company CITGO owns the island.

But at the recent Summit of the Americas, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez announced he’s giving the island back to the US. Let’s go to the BBC’s Carlos Chirinos.

Carlos where are you? Have you set foot yet on this Venezuelan owned island soon to be handed over to New Jersey?

The answer is Petty’s Island Petty’s Island, 292 acres, Delaware River.

Listen to the interview:

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