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Blue agave is the key ingredient in today’s Geo Quiz.

Blue agave is a type of fleshy plant found in Mexico. It’s also the key ingredient for making tequila, and about 95 percent of all tequila comes from one particular state in western Mexico.

That’s the place we want you to name.

This state’s got what it takes to make blue agave plants flourish. We’re just not sure if it’s the volcanic soil, or the cool Pacific breezes, or maybe the local mariachi music.

The Aztec’s grew blue agave, and tequila’s been mass produced in this state for hundreds of years.

Today, there are more than 100 Mexican distilleries and hundreds of brands of tequila.

There are blancos, oros, reposados, and anejos. We’ll sort them all out with a tequila connoisseur in just over a minute.

First try and name the Mexican state where most tequila comes from.

Tequila is flowing like water today in San Diego.

A Mexican tequila tasting competition is underway there.

It’s part of a 3 day event called the Spirits of Mexico.. It a celebration of the potent distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant that’s native to Mexico.

Master Mixologist Junior Merino is at the Spirits of Mexico event, tasting the best tequilas from the state of Jalisco, the answer to our Geo Quiz today.

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