French comedy-thriller

The World

The film is nothing but a pack of lies; every character is a fake and gets around by lying about him or herself. The director says this movie helps justify lies. He tested that theory himself when he began shooting his film; he hoped to release the film under a false name to see if reviewers would view it the same. In the end though the director revealed his real name. but some elements in the film did come from reality. The director talks about how he heard of a serial killer escaping from jail and he fit all the same physical characteristics; and I thought if there’s a police checkpoint down the road they might arrest me. In the film we see a mysterious man and a radio announcer describes an escaped killer and the situation is very much the same as what the director just described. The director also tells of a fight he hears between a man and a woman outside a gas station; a scene which is repeated in the film as well. The two stories of the escaped killer and the woman unfold together throughout the film, along with series after series of additional lies.

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