Colombian community resists

The World

The Nasa people live in a reservation and are officially neutral in the battle between Colombia’s government and leftist FARC rebels. But the war spills into the reservation anyways, prompting the Nasa community to make a stand. For over two weeks, many of the people in this Nasa community have been living in this school, after government troops arrived in the area. The residents know as soon as the government troops arrive, the rebel attacks will begin and people are worried about being caught in the crossfire, but they don’t want to leave and are thus staying in the school to retain their claim to the land. Nasa kids have managed to make a game of the conflict, but they’re also aware of the dangers; this 15 year old boy for example guards the school unofficially. The Nasa people have been practicing this kind of non-violent resistance for years and have had some effect in the past, but this is a strategic re but think the government’s alternatives are not effective.

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