Celtics rallying cry: Ubuntu

The World

The men in green refer to the phrase at almost all aspects of their team: in the locker room, in practice, during games. The Celtics coach referred to the phrase after one of their stars went down with injury. Archbishop Desmond Tutu explained the concept during a lecture to college students last year, and he says in our culture there is no thing as a solitary individual. The Celtics coach, Doc Rivers, adopted Ubuntu in the beginning of the season after a colleague suggested it and Rivers read some of Tutu’s work. This sportswriter says it’s help give the Celtics the proper mentality to get to where they are now. and it’s also become part of Celtics culture says this commentator. He says it helps the Celtics’ star focus on a common goal. While ubuntu may be important to the team, most fans don’t know about it. the Celtics aren’t marketing ubuntu, but there is one tshirt which features the slogan.

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