Luka Magnotta, suspected 'body parts killer,' enters not guilty pleas


In hushed tones, Luka Rocco Magnotta entered five “not guilty” pleas in a Montreal courtroom on Wednesday.

The alleged “body parts killer” — dubbed the Canadian Psycho by some media outlets — stands accused of killing and dismembering 33-year-old Chinese student Jun Lin, then mailing his remains across Canada.

He’s also charged with committing an indignity to a body; publishing obscene material; criminally harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other members of parliament; and mailing obscene and indecent material, the Canadian Press reported.

Wednesday’s court appearance was merely procedural.

He had already pleaded not guilty, but this week’s proceedings kick off what’s expected to be a year of legal motions before the trial begins next September.

It was the first time Magnotta, 31, had addressed court since his arrest, the Toronto Sun reported.

German police arrested Magnotta in Berlin after an international manhunt.

Canadian prosecutors say Magnotta killed Jun, cut up his body and mailed it to political offices and a Vancouver school.

He allegedly filmed the May 25, 2012, incident and posted the video online.

The case sparked an international manhunt, with Interpol issuing its highest alert in the case, which moved from a Montreal apartment to France and, eventually, Germany. 

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