Our Favorite Photo Remixes

Studio 360

A few weeks ago, we launched a new listener challenge involving photography --- but not standard photography. We asked you to use ten elements provided by married photographers Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor to create a photomontage. You answered the call by sending us more than 600 original compositions that ranged from dainty to poetic, to eerie.

Uelsmann and Taylor will be on the show the weekend of December 22 to announce the contest winner.

In the meantime, the Studio 360 staff couldn't help choosing our own, unofficial favorites. The common threads among our choices: submissions that introduced new characters, and compositions that rendered the original elements almost unrecognizable.

UPDATE 12/21:The winner of our contest isRhett Rebold.But you can still download the images and complete the challenge just for fun!

Slideshow: The Studio 360 staff's favorite photo remixes