DJ /rupture Remix Challenge Winners

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DJ /rupture says a good remix has to disrespect the original song, breaking it down to build it back up into something surprising; he doesn't want to hear the original with little embellishments or a new beat. And he's more than happy to subject himself to that treatment. He provided the raw materials for our Remix Challenge: six tracks that make up "L'Avion," from his instrumental side project Nettle. In the more than 60 remixes submitted, there were enough surprises to amaze the creator. The winners – the Phoenix Brothers, out of Tulsa, Oklahoma – killed it with a dance floor track that reimagines the song's melodies so completely that they barely resemble the original. Rupture wouldn't have it any other way.    Rupture's first runner-up is the brooding "Time Stretch Remix" by the Lows and the Highs, who imbued the song's melancholy tone with new textures.    Honorable Mentions:Chris Wood, also known as Word the Cat, made his expansive "Carnival Mix" by layering in ambient sound from a street fair.    Adam Birce's lush "Symphonic Mix" invites comparisons to a movie soundtrack with its surging drums, violin, and guitar.
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