Want sexier dreams? Sleep on your stomach


If you're trying to add more R-rated content to your dreams then you might want to try flipping onto your belly. New research has found that sleeping on your stomach makes you significantly more likely to have sexy dreams.

Study participants who spent the night belly-down were much more likely to report sensations of "sex" and, oddly, "persecution" than those who snooze in other positions, reports the New Zealand Herald.

The racy dreams were also more likely to include themes of S&M including being tied or locked up. 

The study, published in the journal Dreaming,  was conducted by two scientists in Hong Kong who questioned 670 students about their sleeping positions and dream content. 

Their research suggests the increase in sexy thoughts could be because those who sleep on their stomachs have less oxygen circulating to the brain. The mind then interprets messages of being constricted into erotic dreams. 

"I believe that the brain during sleep is not at all totally detached from the external world, and stimuli, including those stemming from the environment, are probably incorporated into dream content more often than people observe or are aware of", Kai-Ching Yu told Australia's Herald Sun.  "The unconscious brains of the dreamers try to make sense, and even make use of, the external stimuli."

The Daily Mail also reports that those who sleep on their front are also more likely to experience ‘erotomania’, which is when a person believes they have a secret admirer, often a celebrity.

The research indicates that if you want to have more dreams about Robert Pattinson, all you have to do is flip over. 

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