VIDEO: A sanctuary in the Congo takes in orphaned chimpanzees

A group of young chimpanzees are being raised at the J.A.C.K. sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Photo from Global Post video.)

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, years of war have left many young Chimpanzees without parents or a family group.

For years that's meant they'd be sold into the exotic pet trade or, perhaps worse, onto the bush meat market. But some of them have hope. Meet J.A.C.K, the sanctuary for Jeunes Animaux Confisques au Katanga, or the sanctuary for young animals confiscated in Katanga.

Among the orphan chimps at J.A.C.K., one has already achieved a bit of notoriety. Her name is Santa and she came to the world's attention when he was pictured in a magazine tied to a soldier.

Saving Orphaned Chimpanzees
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