Our Next Redesign: You Decide

Studio 360
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Five years ago, Studio 360 redesigned Christmas. We commissioned the design firm Pentagram to come up with a fresh, 21st century concept for the holiday that could be used – and loved – universally. Since then we've done several other redesigns, including of the rainbow Gay Flag, Valentine's Day, and the Monopoly boardgame. Now we want to know: what do you think we should redesign next? "Please, for the love of God, redesign the image of teachers!," pleads Kate Ahern from Haverhill, Massachusetts. "I have been teaching for 15-plus years and have enough of what I deem 'apple crapple' to last me a lifetime." It's not a superficial problem, she thinks. "Teaching hasn't been about chalkboards, apples, ABC's and 123's, or summer off for many, many years … Part of the reason we can be scapegoated and thrown under the truck so easily is our branding is atrocious." "The sounds of the Emergency Alert System (formerly Emergency Broadcast System) have freaked me out since I was a kid," says Aaron Crim. And living in Lawrence, Kansas – the heart of Tornado Alley – Crim hears it all too often. "The screech! The squeal! The horror-movie-like voice that emanates forth from the crypt! I get chills just thinking about it … Please find some creative sound engineer or musician or multi-disciplinary artist to rectify the situation." Is there a symbol, business, product, or system that demands a serious re-think? Think big, and tell us in a comment below. For a refresher, check out all the redesigns we've done so far.
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