Libya Celebrates Gadhafi's Death; World Asks Questions About His Demise

The Takeaway
In the 24 hours since the world have gotten news of Col. Moammar Gadhafi's death, the streets of Libya have been overwhelmed with celebrations. As joyous Libyans express their relief that Gadhafi's brutal reign has finally come to an end, international observers are raising questions over the way the dictator died. Graphic photographs of Gadhafi's corpse and a mobile phone video of what appears to be his final moments have lead the Human Rights commissioner at the United Nations to call for an investigation into his death. The BBC's Rana Jawad  reports from the streets of Tripoli, where she's been watching the celebrations. Roger Hearing of the BBC pressed Mohammed Sayeh, a senior member of the National Transitional Council, about the unresolved issues surround Gadhafi's death.