GOP Candidates: Gearing Up for the Money Race

The Takeaway
The first big deadline for presidential candidates to report their campaign fund raising donations is approaching at the end of June. Among the GOP hopefuls, Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Minn) is getting a lot of attention for her past ability to turn big political statements into campaign cash. She welcomed a million dollar windfall into her campaign coffers the day after a 2008 appearance on "HardBall" with Chris Matthews, where she described the Obamas as anti-American. Many are calling these controversial statements and sloganeering "Money Blurting." But will Bachman's blurts be enough to siphon donations away from the money making machine that is the Mitt Romney campaign and other candidates? Katy Steinmetz, reporter for Time Magazine's in Washington says a lot will become more clear in mid-July, when the numbers come out from the June 30 deadline for filing second quarter fund raising. But the fact that Bachman is getting a lot of attention for her political sloganeering and has proven her blurts to be money makers in the past, could reflect her prowess as a serious contender in the race for the GOP nomination.