Jerry Weintraub Knows Hollywood

Studio 360
In the entertainment industry, everyone knows Jerry Weintraub, and Jerry knows everyone who matters. He discovered John Denver. He produced Oceans 11 (and 12 and 13) and more than a few Karate Kids — as well as Robert Altman's Nashville. Before that he staged tours for Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis. Kurt Andersen talks with Weintraub about his career and a new documentary, His Way, that airs on HBO this month.                Bonus Track: Four Degrees of Jerry WeintraubIn our full interview, Jerry Weintraub tells Kurt that director Robert Altman is the person who convinced him to become a producer. But just how he met Altman is quite a story in itself, with a cast of characters that includes a former president and a folk music superstar. embed_audio( '', 'id11676342963474a25d28c-1a7d-45ff-8e48-d32f7537a555', 400, '', '' , true); Bonus Track: Jerry Weintraub on The Karate KidJerry Weintraub tells Kurt why he initially wanted anyone but Pat Morita for the role of Mr. Miyagi. embed_audio( '', 'id1167634902064de155798-f421-42de-8990-95433595f89b', 400, '', '' , true);
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