Elizabeth Edwards: Living and Dying in the Public Eye

The World
We're considering the life and death of Elizabeth Edwards, today. She was the author of two books, ?Resilience? and ?Saving Graces.? She was also a student of literature and politics, a fierce advocate for health care reform, and the former wife of former Senator John Edwards. Over the course of her life she became an increasingly public figure, who surrounded herself with family and friends in the last weeks of her life. Andrea Purse was one of those friends. She is a former campaign aide and was with Edwards and her family during the last days. Gail Sheehy, contributing editor to Vanity Fair and author of "Passages in Care Giving: Turning Chaos into Confidence," did not know Edwards personally, but says she can't help but think of the many "what if" scenarious that could have been at the end of Elizabeth Edwards' life.
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