Gubernatorial revelations redux

The World
With the Eliot Spitzer scandal behind us, the world just feels cleaner. Like we all had a good mouthwash. I know this might sound a little sentimental, but it's so disappointing that New York State was being run by an adulterer. Finally we can put trust in New York's governor. Mr. David Paterson, is a good man. A loyal man, who always remained true to his wife. Or, apparently, not so much. That's right, the guy who replaced the guy who cheated on his wife also cheated on his wife. But don't worry, his wife cheated on him too. Maybe everyone cheats at everything now. Imagine playing a game with these people? After only three trips around the Monopoly board they've got hotels on every property and all you have are a few singles and a loose 'K' from an old scrabble game. Joining Faith Salie with more is a member of the most attractive news team on radio, Fair Game's Brian Donovan.