Shooting at Jerusalem seminary

The World
(What can you tell about us the school that was the target?) It's a 100 year old school associated with the Orthodox Zionist movement and with settlers movements. This is one of the things that the militants would want to target. It's also symbolic that they were able to enter West Jerusalem which hasn't been hit by this kind of attack in over three years. (How could that be that he was able to enter the dining school?) It's not clear, there may not have been a security guard on duty. Israel is at a heightened state of alert and the public is awash with guns. (Any group claim responsibility?) There are some signs that Hezbollah has aired a statement on behalf of a small group. (What do they know about this unknown group?) It's unknown. this has shown there's a problem with these kinds of attacks. They thought the security barrier would solve this problem. (What's the backdrop to this attack?) The Gazan militant groups had been threatening more attacks and when Hamas reached the border with Egypt, it was reported that many of their bombers crossed into Egypt and then could come to Israel. The back and forth violence with Hamas sending these crude missiles into Israel and then Israel's retaliation and incursions, we were expecting to see more revenge attacks.