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A young girl sits on a couch.

1 million Afghan children face an uncertain future in Iran

Conflict & Justice

As doors close to Afghan refugees around the globe, Afghan children face an uncertain future in Iran. Some have rights and public sympathy, others face deportation and discrimination.

a woman working in a gold mine in the DRC

Gender wealth gap costs the world $160 trillion

Rows of garment workers work on a factory floor in Myanmar

The true cost of Myanmar’s growing garment industry

Women & Gender
The Yarmouk Palestinian camp near Damascus, Syria, April 28, 2018.

Palestinian refugees bear the brunt of Syria’s new battle against ISIS

Portrait of woman in graduation cap and gown with man whose are is around her shoulder

A medical student lives out the dreams of her undocumented father — even if he is deported

Residents are seen outside their shanties in Navotas, Metro Manila, Philippines, where Jazmine Durana lives, Oct. 28, 2017.

Teen ‘widows’ of Duterte’s drug war face a bleak economic future


It was just after midnight when four men in black masks broke down Jazmine Durana’s door. Two of them held Durana and her baby at gunpoint, ordering them to stay inside. The other two dragged her boyfriend, Toto dela Cruz, outside. Earlier that day, a theft had been reported in the Navotas fishing port where […]

Training session

‘My daughter demands more’: The men fighting child marriage in Lebanon


Around Lebanon, men working as peer leaders are educating other men on the damage that child marriage does to girls and young women, in the hopes of convincing fathers to stop marrying off their daughters.

One hundred survivors of Rwanda's 1994 genocide live together at the Impinganzima home for the elderly. Cesarie Mukakinani, who is 100 years old, is the oldest and most popular resident of the home. Her nickname is "the mayor."

How Rwanda is aiding women widowed by the country’s 1994 genocide


Unlike many other post-conflict African nations, Rwanda is working to support aging women widowed by the country’s 1994 genocide. With the establishment of care homes and other initiatives, the country’s elderly widows can finally find peace.

A young refugee on the outskirts of Quai Andrieux in Calais, France, after a meal distribution, July 25, 2017.

Photos: As migrants return to Calais, French police try to stop the birth of a new ‘Jungle’


Between 500 and 600 migrants are back in Calais after the demolition of the “Jungle” migrant camp and dispersal of some 10,000 people last October. French authorities are doing everything they can to keep a new camp from developing there.

A man visits a cemetery on the first day of Eid al-Adha in Douma, near Damascus, Syria, Sept. 24, 2015.

Syria’s civil war has created a black market for burial plots — and prices are soaring


In Damascus, the cemeteries are at capacity. Now war profiteers are renting out graves as you would apartments, charging as much as $1,000 per year for a plot of land.