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Multimedia Editor

Steven Davy is The World's Multimedia editor. @sdavy

Steven is a former multimedia editor at The World where he was responsible for the visual direction of The World’s daily online presence. Steven also developed, wrote and edited The World’s daily newsletter, Top of The World. And, Steven was the founding producer for the live journalism series Coronavirus Conversations from The World and GBH presented in partnership with Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Steven has taught graduate and undergraduate students in social media and digital news reporting at Michigan State University where he holds an MA in journalism.

A ground-dwelling roadrunner bird is shown staring up at the US-Mexico border wall lined with razor wire.

Award-winning photograph illustrates the US-Mexico border wall threat to biodiversity

Arts, Culture & Media

Mexican photographer Alejandro Prieto’s image of a roadrunner bird, staring up at the enormous US-Mexico border wall, was just named the grand prize winner in the Bird Photographer of the Year competition. His captivating photograph highlights the threat to the delicate biodiversity and critical animal migratory patterns that the wall poses in the US-Mexico border region.

Several young school children are shown sitting at desks with one girl looking back at the camera while wearing a clear face shield and mask.

Discussion: Kids return to school amid the surging delta variant

The shoreline of a village on the Greek island of Evia is shown with massive plumes of dark smoke rising in the distance.

Discussion: Climate change and a deepening global health crisis

Climate Change
An older man is shown standing still in a crowded sideway area with people walking past him in blurred motion.

Discussion: The delta variant surge and what’s next in the pandemic

Four people are shown looking through a white-framed windows and wearing green medical scrubs.

Discussion: Sub-Saharan Africa’s deepening coronavirus crisis

Several large stickers are shown on the floor with yellow and black arrows with a person standing on one arrow going the opposite direction.

Discussion: The mental health impacts of reopening society

After more than a year of measures such as mask mandates and social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, communities around the world are adjusting to reopened workplaces and society. But ongoing concerns about the pandemic and challenges posed by variants have many people wary. The World’s Elana Gordon moderated a conversation with Harvard Chan School of Public Health’s Karestan Koenen, who explored mental health during this transition.

A woman is shown with a clear face shield and face mask while receiving a vaccination shot by a health worker.

Discussion: Coronavirus surges, variants and the global vaccine rollout

As new COVID-19 variants emerge, health authorities around the world are racing to inoculate people, while facing often disjointed rollouts and limited supplies of shots. As part of The World’s regular series of conversations on the pandemic with Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reporter Elana Gordon moderated a discussion with a panel of experts on where we are now in the global coronavirus crisis.

A man is shown wearing a blue hat and standing in front of dozens of white crosses while painting numbers on the crosses.

Discussion: A deepening coronavirus crisis in Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean now register a million new COVID-19 infections about every six days. With the vaccine rollout lagging and lives and livelihoods hanging in the balance, what is next for the region? As part of The World’s series of conversations on the pandemic with Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reporter Elana Gordon moderated a discussion with demographer Marcia Castro.

A security official is shown in the nearground with a sign listing COVID-19 safety precautions with several people in roadway behind him and one woman carrying the golden Olympic torch.

Applaud, but no cheering: Tokyo Olympics release guidance for fans

Tokyo Olympics

Fans planning to watch the gilded Olympic torch pass by on its route through Japan are being asked to avoid cheering and instead only applaud the runners. The organizing committee for the Tokyo Olympics announced in a briefing on Thursday new guidelines for fans in an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A person is shown in shadow and holding a placard with "#I am not a virus" printed on it.

Discussion: The rise of racism against Asian Americans amid the coronavirus crisis

A national spike in anti-Asian hate crimes — including a recent mass shooting in Atlanta — is prompting a national conversation. From physical assault to harassment to discrimination, Asian Americans have experienced a harrowing array of violence in the US, made more acute amid the coronavirus crisis. As part of The World’s series of conversations with Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, reporter Elana Gordon moderated a panel discussion addressing anti-Asian racism and the pandemic.