Shoshi Shmuluvitz

Senior Producer

America Abroad

Shoshi Shmuluvitz is the senior producer of America Abroad. Her work has been featured on NPR’s Snap Judgment, Panoply Media, Women of the Hour, and Israel Story.

Shoshi Shmuluvitz began her radio career in the Middle East, producing documentaries and features on democracy, civil rights, and public space. She was a producer at Israel Story, a narrative storytelling podcast based in Tel Aviv. And she wrote and produced a true crime series for Panoply Media. Her work has also been featured on NPR’s Snap Judgment, Women of the Hour hosted by Lena Dunham, and Haaretz, Israel’s leading newspaper.

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In Finland, a leak, a fire, and a massive expansion of government surveillance

Global Politics

When one Finnish journalist smashed her laptop with a hammer, causing it to catch fire, she didn’t know that it would lead to one of the biggest debates about security and press freedom in Finnish history.