Robert Johnson, Business Insider

Israel: Iran will have a missile that can hit the US in 2 to 3 years

And the Department of Defense agrees.

Doomsday Bill: Wyoming prepares bill, fearing a national collapse

Canadian oil sand mines: what are they doing?

The future of micro drones could get downright scary

This is China’s response to the US Navy’s struggling coastal warship program

China’s first foray into the Black Sea


Two Chinese vessels have entered the inland sea, but what exactly are they doing?

Next generation US stealth fighters potentially obsolete

New and unconventional imaging systems may render the newest US stealth fighters obsolete before they ever see combat.

Early reports of chemical weapons used against Syrian rebels


First-hand accounts claim that the Assad regime has employed chemical weapons against Syrian rebels for the first time, prompting speculation about US intervention.

Former Marine speaks out against proposed gun control bill


Former US Marine Joshua Boston wrote an open letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein decrying her proposed gun control bill.

China and Japan one step closer to war


A longstanding territorial dispute over the resource-rich Senkaku islands prompts China and Japan to step up their air force presence in the region.