Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani, CNBC

Asian cooperation leads to economic recovery in Taiwan

Taiwan, which had been plagued by economic disaster, appears on the road to recovery with the help of other Asian nations.

‘Gangnam Style’ brings fans, tourism to South Korea


China bowing to public outcry over environment


China’s bling shoppers choose Asia over Europe

China billionaire eyes bigger chunk of global movie market

China firms can follow rules, says Muddy Waters target

After a “lost decade,” China’s private businesses are ready to make waves internationally.

Porsche sales in China unfazed by luxury goods crackdown

China, Hong Kong and Macau were Porsche’s fastest growing region in 2012 – seeing an over 28 percent growth in sales from the previous year.

Chinese consumers mobile shop more frequently than peers


Chinese consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to shop more frequently than anyone else.

This tiny nation could be a gold trading hub

New gold vaults opened in the country add to the country’s growing reputation as a center for wealth.

China PMI slump will test authorities’ resolve

China’s slumping factory activity may necessitate policy adjustments.