Rae Ellen Bichell

Rae Ellen Bichell is a science journalist based in Colorado.

Rae Ellen Bichell is a science journalist based in Colorado. She previously covered biomedical research and basic science for National Public Radio. Bichell learned the audio ropes at member stations in Nashville and Seattle, and at NPR as a 2013 Kroc fellow. As a Fulbright grantee in Finland, she learned that ice swimming and reindeer spine soup are not only tolerable, but even enjoyable. At Yale, she studied anthropology, journalism, and anything that involved handling insects and plants. You can find her on Twitter @raelnb.

The Abuzz project hopes to help curb mosquito-borne illnesses by using cell phones to track mosquito outbreaks around the world.

Tracking some of the world’s biggest killers, via cellphone


A new project hopes to use a technology in just about everyone’s pocket to help track mosquitoes that can cause some of the deadliest diseases in the world.

Berry pickers in Finnish Lapland from the province of Ubon Ratchathani in northeast Thailand. The balaclavas keep the gnats, biting flies, and mosquitoes away.

Thai berry pickers in Nordic Lapland take home cash and antlers

Jukka Tiihonen served the last few years of his sentence for murder at this open prison on Suomenlinna Island. The yellow fence, with a sign saying, "Labor Colony" in Finnish, Swedish, English, and Russian, separates the prison from a neighborhood.

In Finland’s ‘open prisons,’ inmates have the keys

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät won Finland's Eurovision vote with their performance of “Aina Mun Pitää,” or “I Always Have To.” From left: Kari Aalto, Pertti Kurikka, Sami Helle, and Toni Välitalo.

Finland’s Eurovision finalists sing about discrimination against the intellectually disabled — from experience

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