Priyanka Boghani and Noga Tarnopolsky

Israel elections: Netanyahu’s chief strategist has quit, says report

An Israeli channel reported that Arthur Finkelstein, the chief strategist of Netanyahu’s Likud party, quit just four days ahead of elections.

Obama won’t take peace initiative to Israel


Obama’s visit to Israel gets an official logo

Israel: Tzipi Livni to join Netanyahu government

Talks begin to free 21 UN peacekeepers captured by Syrian rebels (VIDEO)

Obama tells Israel: ‘Peace is necessary’ (LIVE BLOG)

President Barack Obama was given the Medal of Distinction, Israel’s highest honor, by President Shimon Peres.

Israel PM calls Lebanon drone incident ‘extremely grave’

Israel says one of its fighter jets shot down an unmanned aircraft in its airspace sent by Lebanon.

Israel says it’s not pushing for intervention in Syria, despite chemical weapons claims

The topic of intervention in Syria is divisive, but Israeli officials say they are not urging the US to intervene.

Turkish PM Erdogan calls airstrikes on Syria ‘unacceptable’

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan called the recent airstrikes on Syria “unacceptable” as tensions in the region mounted.

Syrian army retakes crossing into Israeli-held Golan Heights

A rebel victory at the Quneitra crossing into Israeli-occupied Golan Heights was short-lived as the Syrian army recaptured the area.