Priyanka Boghani and Erin Cunningham

Egypt: IMF aide to discuss $4.8 billion loan request


A senior IMF official met with Egyptian leaders to discuss a $4.8 billion loan which was postponed last month.

Egypt pound slips to record low despite Qatar aid of $2.5 billion


Egyptian President Morsi opposes French intervention in Mali

Egypt: Protesters take their fight to Morsi’s presidential palace (PHOTOS)


Egypt’s top court upholds female genital mutilation ban


Egypt braced for protests on 2nd anniversary of Mubarak’s fall

Egypt’s security forces are braced for protests marking the second anniversary of Hosni Mubarak’s fall.

Egyptian police strikes spread

The police in Egypt continued to protest against the Interior Ministry, as strikes spread across the country.

Qatar: No more financial aid for Egypt


Qatar has said there are no plans for more financial aid for Egypt, as its neighbor deals with inflation and a sliding currency.

Egypt: Police strike ends, Islamist faction encourages citizens’ arrest

Police in Cairo and Giza have ended their strikes, as a statement from an Islamist faction encouraging citizen arrests prompts an uproar.