Marissa Lorusso


The World

Marissa Lorusso was a summer 2015 intern at PRI's The World.

I was summer intern at The World, and a student at American University's School of International Service. I'm pursuing my Master's in International Communication, focusing on intercultural relations.Mostly, I like to learn about the interactions among culture, gender and language around the world. I also love hearing, telling  — and helping people tell! — great stories, which is what led me to fall in love with radio.Outside of school and work, I spend most of my time running, writing music and planning my next road trip.

hitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, was destroyed in Philadelphia.

Web to stricken robot: The world is better than Philadelphia


A hitchhiking robot from Canada planned to travel across the United States fueled by human kindness. But its trip was cut short in Philadelphia, when the “City of Brotherly Love” showed hitchBOT no such kindness.

A health worker injects a woman with an Ebola vaccine during a trial in Liberia

Experimental Ebola vaccine is ‘highly efficacious and safe’ — but late

The Korean Basketball League is attracting American players.

For these basketball players, what happens in Vegas (hopefully) makes it to Seoul

Contestants on Oxfam's "Female Food Heroes"

Reality TV’s new stars are Tanzanian farmers

Donald Trump has some harsh words for El Chapo

Has Donald Trump become ‘the great Latino unifier?’

A group in Paris meets to forge friendships across racial lines

Talking — and not talking — about race and identity in France


How does France talk about race? And how is this different from American conversations about race relations? Arun Venugopal, a reporter from WNYC, has been researching this for the past few weeks in Paris.

President of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee

Japan looks to the future — and its past — for 2020 Olympics


By the time Japan hosts the 2020 summer Olympic Games, its triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown will be almost a decade old. Relief efforts are nowhere near completed, and now Japan must face some difficult choices about funding.

Pier 14 in San Francisco, where a woman was killed last week.

Shooting in San Francisco raises questions about ‘sanctuary cities’


An undocumented immigrant with a history of felony convictions and deportations shot and killed a woman in San Francisco last week. His situation highlights some of the complications presented by “sanctuary city” policies for immigrants.

"Reykjavik raining sideways and trampolines are on the move" from the Reykjavík metropolitan police's Instagram

Iceland issues flying trampoline warnings


Icelanders love their trampolines. But when high winds strike, the police and fire department often have to issue flying trampoline warnings.

A member loyal to the ISIS waves the ISIS flag in Raqqa

The story of one young woman’s almost-recruitment from Washington to the ISIS Caliphate


ISIS is known for its online recruiting tactics, even convincing some young people from the West to leave home join the organization. One such young person was “Alex,” a 23-year-old from Washington who was recently profiled by Rukmini Callimachi in The New York Times.