Jonathan Dyer

Jonathan Dyer is a former managing editor for The World.

Jonathan Dyer is a former managing editor for The World. Jonathan is also the former editor of a weekly BBC World Service program, Boston Calling, and he was part of the team that created and launched the weekday public radio program, The Takeaway.

Several people are shown standing on decals pasted to the ground illustrating where to stand while practicing social distancing.

Discussion: What role will antibodies have in a future immunity to the coronavirus?

Scientists around the world are researching the potential of antibodies to fight the coronavirus pandemic. As part of our weekly discussion series taking your questions to the experts, The World’s Jonathan Dyer moderated a conversation with epidemiologist Michael Mina of Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Three small, clear glass vials are shown with the eyes of a scientist looking at them in the background.

Discussion: What are the potential vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus?

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