John Otis

Nicaragua goes back to gold

After years of lying dormant, the gold sector’s back — and making the country rich.

Targeting Teachers: The ‘dirty war’ against Colombia’s unions

‘Meet the New Boss’

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Meet the New Boss Gallery

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Colombian ex-captives consider politics

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A real trip


Tourists trek to the Amazon jungle to experience the hallucinogenic properties of ayahuasca.

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Life as a FARC hostage

Three Americans describe their time in captivity — and criticize famous hostage Ingrid Betancourt.

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Recruiting rebels

The Colombian government tries to break apart guerrilla groups by convincing members to switch sides.

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In Colombia, another sort of drug debate

Colombia’s teetotaling president tries to tighten drug laws.

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Drug traffickers move underwater

“Semi-submersibles” become the transportation of choice for drug smugglers.