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Haiti’s politics of blame


As foreigners ask where aid money went, Haitians turn inward, demanding answers from their own government.

Post-quake US food aid hurt Haiti farmers

The World

Haiti cholera outbreak: blame game begins

Agence France-Presse

Four months and $2M US tax dollars later, Haiti’s new Parliament building sits unfinished

The World

Haiti’s unfinished Parliament

Haitian farmers call on US to stop subsidizing its own

The 2012 Farm Bill could reverse a decades-long policy of agricultural subsidies that has undercut Haiti’s local rice production.

The Multiplier Effect: Driving Haiti’s recovery by spending aid dollars locally

Just a small fraction of foreign aid has gone to Haitian businesses, but an NGO network is trying to change that.

Haiti’s road to recovery


A vital but treacherous highway is being rebuilt, just the kind of long-term development Haitians have been hoping for.

USAID contractor Chemonics cited for numerous mistakes in Haiti

Despite a problematic track record, US continues to award multimillion dollar contracts to the DC firm.

Income inequality: In Congo, a tale of two cities


In Africa’s fastest-growing city, a new haven for Congo’s wealthy burdens some of its poor.