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Live Chat with journalists about ‘Egypt in Crisis’


What happened to Egypt? Join GlobalPost’s Charles Sennott, FRONTLINE’s Marcela Gaviria and NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin today at 3 pm ET to discuss the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood and the return of the “deep state.”

GlobalPost announces GroundTruth reporting fellowship on rising youth unemployment 


GlobalPost and The GroundTruth Project announce VOICES, offering ideas and opinions from underrepresented communities


Announcing our finalists for the GroundTruth reporting fellowship on rising youth unemployment


GlobalPost announces winners of GroundTruth reporting fellowship on youth unemployment, fall conference at International House


Egyptians take to the streets after Hosni Mubarak acquitted for 2011 protester deaths


Protesters flock to Tahrir Square three years after a revolution removed the president from power.

Syrian government behind new spate of barrel bomb attacks, says Human Rights Watch

Government forces have carried out hundreds of indiscriminate air attacks on civilian areas.