Geoffrey Ingersoll, Business Insider

Shooter in New York firemen murder used Bushmaster assault rifle


The Bushmaster .223 has been involved in a number of high-profile shootings in the US this year — Aurora, Colo., and Newton, Conn., among them.

Hackers attack American energy companies

Karzai: American foreign policy caused 9/11


Why America Doesn’t Care If China Gobbles Up Iraq’s Oil

The World

Russia turns to typewriters to protect against cyberespionage

The World

Why Iraq is on the brink of civil war

Iraq’s massive prison break made big headlines, but Baghdad has worse problems than 500 escaped jihadis.

NSA requests encrypted keys to directly access companies’ data

Encrypted keys would give NSA direct access to customer information.

UK porn filter broken

Hackers have already found a way around filter days after its announcement.

Kim Jong Un runs out of virgins


Rampant malnutrition and poverty leaves a dearth of available women for the country’s pudgy dictator.