Daniel A. Gross

Ben Mirin photographing birds in New Zealand's Fiordland

Ben Mirin beatboxes with bird calls


A birdwatcher and beatboxer combines his two passions to make a totally original sound.

A German scientist stands in front of shelves of wood samples

How German ‘wood detectives’ protect endangered species

Former US President Harry S. Truman

Harry Truman’s grandson impersonates the former president and considers the age of Trump

A uniformed man stands in front of the bomber Enola Gay

The grandson of a man who bombed Hiroshima celebrates an anti-nuclear Nobel Peace Prize

cranberry bog

How a family is transforming its cranberry bog from environmental liability to climate change buffer

Afghani refugee, Ahmad Wali Temory, has worked in Germany's parliament with the goal of helping preserve the policies that brought him to Germany.

Merkel’s party wants to deport migrants to Afghanistan, but this refugee says it’s unsafe

Global Politics

A German far-right party won parliamentary seats after campaigning against policies that welcomed refugees. One of those refugees, Ahmad Wali Temory, hopes to preserve the policies that brought Afghans like him to the country.

White mushroom-shaped cloud surrounded by dark skies tinged with red

Can a nuclear explosion be peaceful? US scientists used to think so.

Global Politics

Fifty-five years ago, scientists created the largest man-made crater in America. Milo Nordyke was there.

A comic depicting a blimp flight seen by spectators in Germany

Drawing comics of Nazis taught this US author what fascism really looks like


Jason Lutes is from Montana, speaks no German, and grew up sheltered from stories of war. But for two decades, he has been drawing a comic book about the rise of fascism in Berlin.

A couple shops at a Louis Vuitton store in China.

Kevin Kwan’s new novel satirizes the richest of the rich in Asia


He says his “Crazy Rich Asians” trilogy is like a Singaporean version of “Downton Abbey.”

Victoria Jabara Williams with her brothers, from left, Rami Jabara and Khalid Jabara.

An immigrant was shot in Oklahoma. His family wants justice.


The family of Khalid Jabara say he was murdered in an act of hate. But a hate crime charge may have little impact on the case.