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Bruce Wallace is a Brooklyn-based freelance journalist and multimedia producer.

Bruce Wallace is a producer at Gimlet Media. He has reported for PRI’s The World, Radio Diaries, All Things Considered, Marketplace Morning Report, The New York Times Magazine, Al Jazeera America, and The Washington Post.He was born in Baltimore and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cat.

The World

Aung San Suu Kyi downplays anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar


Speaking in the capital of Naypyidaw, the opposition leader said a rising 969 movement did not represent the majority of Buddhists.

Sabina family

The face of Target (and others) in Bangladesh, at 400 pieces an hour

Amna Farooqi

The Muslim who leads a branch of a Jewish lobbying group


Most Bangladeshi garment workers are women, but their union leaders weren’t. Until now.

Letieres Leite and his Orchestra Rumpilezz play at Lincoln Center's "Out Of Doors" in New York City.

Brazilian orchestra fuses Afro beats with a little Duke

Digital Harbor 1

At one Baltimore school, students are easing racial tensions by learning from each other


One year after a burst of violent attacks, Digital Harbor High launched a program to bring Latino and African-American students together.

Last month around 100 activists associated with Justice League NYC and other civil rights groups marched down historic US Route 1 through Baltimore as participants in an event named #MARCH2JUSTICE.

How African Americans and immigrants in Baltimore find common ground in police reform


When protests broke out in Baltimore, some immigrants there saw connections — how their relationships with police are similar to the relationships between cops and African Americans.

Grace Lyo at one of the markets she runs in West Baltimore.

In Baltimore, neighborhoods come together across cultural lines


A lot of the news crews have left Baltimore, but the city is still recovering. One Korean American shopkeeper thanks her customers for rallying by her side. “I will love my neighbors…forever,” she says.

House in West Baltimore

Neglecting Baltimore: My story, too


Bruce Wallace grew up in Baltimore. But it wasn’t until he was an adult that he ventured to Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, to volunteer at a family shelter. “I can’t overemphasize how close, geographically, these two Baltimores are.”


For Nepalese abroad, ‘you feel so helpless being so far away’


In New York City, home to one of the largest Nepalese communities in the US, crowds gathered after the earthquake in Nepal to pray, gather donations and hope for good news from relatives still unaccounted for.