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US recognizes rebel Transitional Council as Libya’s legitimate authority


Rebels due to receive hundreds of millions in frozen assets

Severely endangered snow leopard found in remote Afghanistan

Arrest sought for ex-CIA lawyer who authorized drone strikes


NATO turns over regions to Afghans amid more assassinations


Russia says it foiled militant attack


Israeli navy takes over Gaza-bound ship


Israeli Navy takes over French yacht which had left Greek waters in an attempt to break the Gaza blockade

World soccer mired in illegal betting scandals

Agence France-Presse

Match fixing schemes worth billions mostly originate in Southeast Asia

Lifestyle changes can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s by half, new study shows


Inactivity and smoking the biggest changeable factors

FBI raids hacker group Anonymous

The 16 hackers arrested are believed to have been involved in denial of service attacks on billion-dollar companies

Al Shabaab bans foreign aid in starving Somalia


Faced with the worst famine in decades, Somali militants resist drought-aid