Beena Sarwar

Pakistani protesters burn an Indian flag

As tensions rise between India and Pakistan, we remember a friend who called for peace


Two South Asians living abroad condemn rising tensions between India and Pakistan and call for peace.

Pakistani women waging peace the world over


Soft power, woman power: Forging a new security paradigm in Pakistan


Sex trafficking snares hundreds of thousands of American children


Boston Marathon bombings: a Pakistani perspective


Boston and Mastung, Pakistan: Two cities where love is stronger than terror


Commentary: Courage and resilience are found among survivors of attacks in Pakistan and the Marathon.

Thousands of people attend the funeral procession of Amjad Sabri, killed when unidentified gunmen open fire on his car in Karachi, Pakistan.

Another assassination in Pakistan, new determination to ‘keep on keepin’ on’


After a singer is killed in Karachi, a numbness follows. Says one who has survived the city’s attacks by Muslim extremists: “I know I will be killed in this war.”

Sabeen Mahmud memorial

Remembering a Pakistani woman who died because she wanted everyone to have a space to speak freely


Pakistani activist Sabeen Mahmud died a year ago this week. Over the weekend, friends and family gathered to remember her and honor her legacy.

Pakistani Airman Apologies to Family of Indian Pilot

Lifestyle & Belief

46 years after shooting down an Indian plane, a Pakistani pilot apologies.

The World

Karachi erupts in violence

Conflict & Justice

Several dozen people have been killed in political and ethnic violence in the Pakistani city of Karachi. Anchor David Baron gets the details and background from journalist, Beena Sarwar, in Karachi.