Angelica Marin

Angelica is a freelance journalist based in Rome, Italy.

The Iron Dames line up in front of their race cars on the race track.

Iron Dames: The all-female team racing to bring change to motor sports


The Iron Dames is one of just three all-female teams in the world. Far from a marketing gimmick, they’ve already qualified for big-name races and hope to lead the way for future female pilots. 

A screenshot from Liberian Italian artist Karima 2G's 2014 music video, "Bunga Bunga," in which she raps about racism and objectification of women.

This Liberian Italian beatmaker uses music to tackle racism in Italy

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Italian primary school reforms spark protests

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For Which It Stands: Italy

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Can extra-virgin olive oil be extra green?

A farm in Umbria aims to go carbon neutral by the end of 2009.

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Beneath Juliet’s balcony

In Verona, couples can leave lasting testaments to their love.

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Cruising the cobblestones

Free bicycles enter the crowded Roman roads.

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Been ripped off eating in Rome?

On your next trip, you might want to pick up Fernanda D’Arienzo’s guide.

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Who says Rome is dead?

Experimental archaeologists recreate Roman history, to the delight of onlookers.