Amber Hall

Amber Hall is the planning editor for The Takeaway. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife and two cats.

In third grade Amber Hall anchored the nightly news from behind a makeshift desk in her parents’ bedroom. Yes, she was the star talent, but also the producer, editor, prop master, grip and cameraperson. And that’s when Amber realized she wanted to be a producer!After majoring in theater at SUNY New Paltz, Amber landed at public televisions’ In The Life, an LGBT newsmagazine. She was awarded the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, Excellence in HIV/AIDS Coverage for a segment she produced about HIV laws. Then Amber found her calling in radio.As the executive producer and co-creator of SiriusXM’s progressive morning staple, The Agenda, Amber took the show on the campaign trail and blazed the dial for progressive politics on satellite radio.Amber Hall is the planning editor for The Takeaway. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife and two cats.

March for Life

He argues for rolling back abortion rights in the US


Clarke Forsythe has worked with Americans United for Life in the courts and state legislatures to restrict abortion, always with an eye on overturning Roe v. Wade.


In the 45 years since Roe v. Wade, states have passed 1,193 abortion restrictions

LGBTQ military servicemember

Queer service member: Trump’s trans ban ‘is about fear and loathing of transgender Americans’


Finland’s guaranteed basic income is working to tackle poverty


Meet LoweBot, a customer-service robot here to give you ‘superpowers’

Buffalo schools

How Buffalo’s public schools are setting international students up for success


The influx of refugees and immigrants over the last decade reflects Buffalo’s pro-immigrant stance, and has also made the Buffalo Public School System the most language diverse in the state.


What nature can teach us about sustainability and innovation


While humans construct our physical spaces based on individual preferences and then mitigate the consequences later, nature inherently adopts flexibility as a cornerstone of design.


Venezuela’s military has turned its food crisis into a ‘racket.’ And it’s profiting from people going hungry.


In Venezuela, the military controls the food supply, including everything from distribution to prices. And it’s profiting from the fact that people are going hungry.

Father Michael Pfleger marches through the streets of a South Side neighborhood during a weekly night-time peace demonstration in Chicago, Illinois, September 16, 2016.

Families in Chicago are tired of gun violence. Will 2017 be different for them?


The gun violence in Chicago this past year had an outsized impact on families and children.


What it’s like to be a Muslim in Trump’s America


Many are concerned about how President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign statements will translate into concrete policies, especially as it pertains to minorities.