Alison van Diggelen

Alison van Diggelen is a freelance reporter for PRI's The World and host of Fresh Dialogues, an interview series featuring green thought leaders.

Alison van Diggelen is host of Fresh Dialogues, a Silicon Valley based interview series featuring green thought leaders. Alison also contributes to PRI's The World, KQED radio & TV, and the Huffington Post; and moderates events for the Commonwealth Club and the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. She has lectured on sustainability and entrepreneurship at the University of Edinburgh and UC Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley Extension. Notable interviews include Elon Musk, Martin Sheen and Tom Friedman. In 2001, the Women's Fund of Silicon Valley nominated Alison for a "Woman of Achievement Award" in communication. She has been an interview guest on KTVU, Silicon Valley Business, KGO radio and BBC radio. Alison hails from Scotland and has a master's degree from the University of Cambridge.

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