Alan Yu

Alan was all set on majoring in biology, but then he realized he liked writing about science more than doing research, so he left Hong Kong and went to study journalism in the U.S. After interning at NPR and WBEZ in Chicago, he has never wanted to work anywhere outside of public radio. He covers space and all other kinds of innovation. He enjoys comic books, LEGO, and dragon boating.

closeup of an acupuncturist's hands inserting needles

Is acupuncture a viable alternative to opioids for patients in pain?

Health & Medicine

Despite the inconclusive evidence, the practice of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, is becoming more accepted in the US as a way to address pain. This is in part driven by the opioid epidemic that left 49,000 dead last year alone.

A ship carrying tourists plies the waters off Antarctica.

Antarctica needs humans to protect it. It also needs humans to stay away. What’s a potential visitor to do?

Climate Change