Body Politics: The struggle for access to reproductive rights

Body Politics: The struggle for access to reproductive rights. Share your views in the Across Women's Lives <a href="">Facebook group</a>.

In Buddhist Myanmar, there's a view that abortion is wrong because "human life happens only in a blue moon, so we shouldn't waste a life like this."

Providing safe illegal abortions in Myanmar is a ‘karmic balance,’ says one doctor


Abortion is illegal in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, but many women still seek access. Illegal abortions are a leading cause of maternal death there.

Demonstrators celebrate outside the Supreme Court Monday after it struck down a Texas law imposing strict regulations on abortion doctors and facilities that its critics contended were specifically designed to shut down clinics.

The Supreme Court just gave a big victory to US abortion rights activists

Peru abortion rights sin

Can your vote be a ‘sin’? Abortion brings the church into Peru’s presidential race

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Ianka Mikaelle Barbosa, 18, with Sophia, 18 days old, who was born with microcephaly, at her home in Campina Grande, Brazil.

A new bill aims to make Brazil’s abortion law even tougher

A model holds up a female condom in Kolkata, July 21, 2006.

India’s condom showrooms: Where women can talk freely about sex and health

A priest holds up a banner reading "Brazil alive! Without abortion" while standing near an altar where Pope Francis later celebrated mass.

Thanks to Zika, now we know Latin America has the toughest abortion policies in the world


There are only six countries in the world that ban abortion under any circumstances. Four of them are in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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These activists are putting a face to a taboo word in Ireland: abortion


Irish voters approved a constitutional ban on abortion in 1983. Thousands of Irish women have traveled abroad for the procedure since then — and there’s a new movement to get them to tell their stories.


Abortion: What some Mexicans wish Pope Francis would take head on


In a country where abortion is illegal in all but Mexico City, some women seek alternatives that they call lifelines.

Pro-choice activists demonstrate during March for Life Fund's 37th annual march marking the anniversary of the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision in Washington January 22, 2010

The coming showdown: A year for reproductive rights


Two potentially sweeping Supreme Court cases set the stage for a seismic shift in the battle over abortion and contraception in 2016.

March against house speaker Eduardo Cunha's abortion bill on International Day to End Violence Against Women in Rio de Janeiro

A mother’s fight for abortion rights in evangelical Brazil


One woman in Rio de Janeiro has personally discovered how much harder and more expensive it is to access an abortion in Brazil now than it was when she was younger. And she says that’s a concern for Brazil’s democracy.