Latvian basketball fans are rooting for ‘unicorn’ Porziņģis in the NBA finals


The Celtics are in the NBA finals, and one of the team’s most impactful players is Latvian center Kristaps Porziņģis. Fans in Latvia are rooting for him to become the first Latvian NBA champion. The World’s Daniel Ofman reports from Riga, Latvia.

Women fight for respect in Japan’s sumo rings 

Japan in Focus

More people are running marathons than ever before. Why?

Lifestyle & Belief
A view of Paris, France, with the iconic Eiffel Tower in the distance.

20 years after France’s hijab ban, the issue remains divisive

Women & Gender

This Paris suburb gets a facelift amid controversy ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games

Summer Olympics 2024
Gaza Sunbird team members distribute much-needed food aid and other supplies in Rafah, Gaza in February 2024.

Gaza Sunbirds paracycling team pivots to aid distribution amid war

Israel-Hamas war

Cyclists on the Gaza Sunbirds team have always dreamed of competing at the 2024 Paris Paralympics. But after Oct. 7, 2023, that dream took a backseat. Amid the Israel-Hamas war, the athletes have put their bikes to good use — delivering food to their community members in need.

competitive camel racers pose for a picture with their camels

Women’s camel racing team takes an ancient sport back to the future


Camel racing is an ancient sport. There are records of races on the Arabian Peninsula that date back to the 7th century. These days, it’s still hugely popular, with robot jockeys and cash prizes. But a new team is taking camel racing back to its roots — with a twist.

Serhiy Ivanov is a goalkeeper with Ukraine's first amputee soccer club. 

‘Keep on living’: Wounded vets in Ukraine establish first amputee soccer club


Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine almost exactly two years ago, the city of Lviv has become a rehabilitation hub for soldiers injured in the war, including many who have lost a limb. As some complete their recovery, they are eager to get back into sports. The World’s Daniel Ofman reports from a soccer practice in Lviv.

Student athlete posing in a blue uniform and holding a basketball at a photo shoot

International students still restricted from NIL deals

In 2021, the NCAA made major headlines when it announced that student athletes would finally be allowed to monetize from their name, image and likeness. The market for NIL deals, as they’re called, has exploded, bringing in an estimated $1 billion annually. But international student athletes have yet to be included in lucrative deals due to visa laws. The World’s Bianca Hillier reports.

The main rule of "walking soccer" is no running.

‘Walking soccer’ trend in Spain keeps people of all ages in the game


Soccer is a sport with lots of contact – and injuries. But imagine the game played much slower. In Barcelona, “walking soccer” allows soccer lovers of all ages to continue playing the game.