DACA Diaries

Intimate stories from the people affected by DACA, a federal program that has given many a lifeline as they start their adult lives.

A woman looks at photographs on the wall.

It was once easier to go unnoticed, but some DACA recipients from Europe and Canada say they are ready to join the immigration fight


Most DACA recipients are from Mexico, but those who are not say it’s important that they speak up.

(Left to right): Indira Marquez Robles, Dustin Henderson, Maria Geneva Reyes, Mwewa Mwange and Jasiel López (left to right) are recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Nearly 40 percent of DACA recipients are high school or college students. Now their future is in limbo.

Woman walking on sidewalk, wearing a backpack

A court ruling offers some relief to this Texas high school student. But will it last?

A woman riding the train looks out of the window.

DACA gave her courage to fight anti-immigrant bias and white supremacy

Woman standing in front of desk, talking to another woman who is in front of a computer

If DACA ends, she’s worried she’ll never put her college degree to work

A man leans on a colorfully painted wall and looks over his right shoulder.

On his commute to campus he could soon risk a ticket — and deportation


His DACA protection and driver’s license are expiring in May, so Jasiel López worries that his drive to school could put him in the path of law enforcement.