Illustration by Megan J. Goff

Inside the i-Soon papers and China’s secret world of hackers-for-hire

Newly leaked files from a private Chinese hackers-for-hire company provide a fresh look into China’s “cyber industrial complex” — and it appears to be bigger and more mature than observers had previously imagined. Dina Temple-Raston, host and managing editor of the Recorded Future News podcast “Click Here,” has the story.

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Spyware found on phones in Jordan

Inside of a computer

Countries fear state-sponsored cyberwar

Illustration by Megan J. Goff

Threat-hunter says Iran is stepping up the sophistication of its cyberattacks

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China’s dominant role in producing hacking bugs


Exclusive: Inside an American hunt forward operation in Ukraine

In an interview with Recorded Future News’ podcast “Click Here,” Hartman says the cooperation between the US and foreign partners like Ukraine has become important in the effort to deter Russia’s cyber operations.

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The hacker Bassterlord in his own words: Portrait of an access broker as a young man

He started off doing simple phishing attacks. But the Russian, who is known as Bassterlord, soon graduated to planting ransomware in emails, holding companies’ data hostage. And he quickly became one of the best. In her exclusive interview with the hacker, Dina Temple-Raston of the “Click Here” podcast delves into the ransomware underworld.

Costa Rica's president

Son of Conti: Ransomware tries its hand at politics

Dina Temple-Raston of the Click Here podcast spoke with Jorge Mora, Costa Rica’s former director of the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) and Mario Robles, the CEO and founder of White Jaguars, a Costa Rican cybersecurity company that helped the San José government respond to the ransomware attack on the country.

A woman walks with a power plant in the background, in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, March 16, 2022. 

Ladder theory: Part II

Critical State, a foreign policy newsletter by Inkstick Media, takes a deep dive this week into the nature of American public support for cyberattacks — responses depend largely on the harm done and who launched it.

Chinese policemen patrol the bund area in Shanghai, June 1, 2022.

Massive data breach in China raises questions around govt’s responsibility in securing data, expert says

Zeyi Yang, a China reporter with MIT Technology Review, looked at some of the data and spoke from New York with The World’s host Marco Werman about the situation.