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Woman against white wall holding up certificate that shows nursing credentials

For this nurse trained abroad, working at a US hospital is years away

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Only 40 percent of nurses trained abroad pass the US licensing exam the first time. But educators say it’s not because they aren’t qualified.

A man in welder's coveralls stands in a metal workshop.

Many immigrants have years of work experience. ‘Upskilling’ programs are helping them use that knowledge.

Young woman sits at bench, flipping through year book, while another young woman stands next to her, leaning over to look

When war keeps students from starting high school on time, should they be allowed an extra year?

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Woman leans over desks handing out paper, with two other women sitting around and white board in elemenatary school classroom behind them

In a California elementary school, parents have a classroom of their own

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Two male and one female internationally trained doctors are listening to a presentation.

Highly trained and educated, some foreign-born doctors still can’t practice medicine in the US