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Vote sign in a window with masked man looking at it in reflection

US could stand to dial down democracy, says economist

US politics

When it comes to democracy, less may be more.

The US Constitution's first page

Americans are prone to reading Constitution as scripture, says legal scholar

US politics
Eryk Bean is in charge of quality control and product development at Gibson Bagpipes

A small company in New Hampshire exports their handcrafted bagpipes worldwide

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The lettering of the old Packard Plant in Detroit is seen on a brick bridge viewed through the ruins of a window in the factory.

Abandoned and in decay, one of Detroit’s iconic ruins is slowly being revived

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Hamissi Mamba walks through the guts of what will be his new restaurant, Baobab Fare in Detroit. Originally from Burundi, Mamba relocated to Michigan two years back, learned English, and is now a budding entrepreneur.

Detroit welcomes immigrants to spur the city’s revival

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Soy farmers like Phil Sidles have seen prices for their soybeans fall sharply — down around 20 percent since May, not long after China announced retaliatory tariffs on American soybeans.

As tariffs send soy and corn prices plummeting, Trump says farmers will act like ‘patriots’

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China is slapping retaliatory tariffs on American crops, like soy and corn, and prices have fallen sharply. President Donald Trump has called on farmers to be patient and patriotic. How far are farmers in Illinois, America’s No. 1 soy state, willing to go?

Soldiers of the Puerto Rico National Guard and volunteers of the Puerto Rico State Guard clear a road at Punta Santiago in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Scenes of utter devastation were found throughout the island after Hurricane Maria hit last September.

Report: FEMA wasn’t ready for Hurricane Maria, destruction in Puerto Rico

It is said that practice makes perfect. As the events surrounding Hurricane Maria showed, a lack of practice can make a tough situation even worse.

An old building with large mechanical infrastructure now sports a sign reading "SteelStacks" and is a now an entertainment venue.

A Pennsylvania steel town reinvents itself with a future beyond steel

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Many one-industry towns have shriveled up and died in recent decades. But not Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

A haul truck at Peabody Energy's Rawhide coal mine near Gillette, Wyoming. The past few years have been tough for the coal industry in Wyoming — the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016.

A Wyoming town looks beyond coal … to new uses for coal

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Coal has driven Wyoming’s economy for decades. The state sits on hundreds of years of coal reserves. But the world is slowly moving away from coal, leaving some towns at a crossroads.

South-central Wyoming has some of the strongest winds in the United States. The Department of Energy estimates that by 2030, Wyoming has the potential to power the equivalent of 3.4 million homes.

America’s leading coal state looks to the wind

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Wyoming is a coal state. But it’s becoming a wind state, too.