<p>TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status, a government program created by Congress in 1990. It was signed into law by President George Bush, with the goal of providing safe haven for immigrants when war, a natural disaster or an epidemic make going back home too dangerous. We&#039;re covering changes to the program and the countries listed and removed from protected status.</p>

Two woman stand in kitchen, one older and one younger looking at her phone

After 17 years of ‘legal life’ in the US, a family considers its next move

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The Trump administration is removing temporary protected status for El Salvador, a program that has permitted the Velasco family to live and work in the US since 2001. That puts them — and 200,000 other like them — at a tough crossroads.

A Salvadoran man holds his nation's flag and a sign during a protest rally for immigrants rights on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Oct. 8, 2013.

Trump administration decision could force 200,000 Salvadorans out of the US

Children stand next to a banner against the US President's proposed end of the DACA program

Thousands of immigrants with ‘protected status’ face possible deportation