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A #MeToo scandal engulfs The Nature Conservancy


With $1.3 billion in annual revenue, The Nature Conservancy is among the biggest environmental nonprofits in the world and, over nearly 70 years, it has protected 120 million of acres of land worldwide. But sexual harassment and discrimination allegations recently toppled four of its executives, including its CEO.

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The health risks of a toxic workplace

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BBC America’s The Office

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This is a black and white image of a profile of Harvey Weinstein from 2012. In the space next to his face, text says "The Harvey Effect: How his fall led millions of women to talk about workplace harassment."

Sexual harassment at work is a global problem. Now, the world is finally talking about it.


The sexual harassment allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein have sparked a global conversation about the issue of harassment in the workplace. We devoted all of Friday’s program to this issue.


So many women are saying ‘me too.’ Editors weigh in about how to move the conversation forward.


We talked to magazine and newspaper editors about how to address sexual harassment in the workplace.

An open design space at EPFL, a research university in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The surprising ways companies can foster creativity


A lax dress code; an open office; awesome cafeteria food. What can companies do to truly foster creativity among their workers?